Tracking - $45 per hour (includes one engineer)

Mixing - $180 for 1-2 recorded parts, $250 for 3-5 recorded parts, and $300 for 6+ recorded parts 

MASTERING - $55 Per song

Compositions and Arrangements - Varies per project, please contact us for more information

Studio Musicians - Varies per project, please contact us for more information

Package Rates*

book A full day - 8 hour session for $300 marked down from $360**

FULL LENGTH ALBUM (up to 5 instruments) - $750 Per Song***

Full Length album with cd release show - Varying levels, please contact us for more information


Booking Policy

Cave Studios MKE requires advance payment of $90 in order to reserve your session on our calendar. Your remaining balance is due in full is due at the end of each session day. No rough or final mixes, tracks or Pro Tools sessions can be released to you until full payment is made.

Cancellations made within 24 hours of start of session will forfeit the downpayment. 

After discussing your session via email or phone, we will invoice you via PayPal for the $90 deposit on your booked studio time. Your session time is not guaranteed until we have received your deposit. You do not need an account with this service to make payment by VISA or MASTERCARD.

Sessions begin at the time they are booked regardless of whether the client is present. By-the-hour billing continues until final load-out is complete, regardless of the reserved session end time.



Payment Methods

Cave Studios MKE accepts cash, Check, and all major credit cards. 








*Package rates must be mentioned at time of booking
**Includes one engineer
***18 hour recording limit per song, includes one engineer